Cluster Software is pleased to announce its new WebShop integration with Administrate. Cluster Software provides “ready-to-go” eCommerce enabled Web solutions for training providers of all sizes to drive online business and Administrate offers a purpose built training management solution saving time and money.

Grow Revenue Quickly

WebShop provides a range of “ready-to-go” eCommerce enabled Web templates so all you have to do is create the content, not the Web site itself, enabling you to focus on growing training revenue quickly.

Best of Breed Front and Back End Solutions for a Profitable Training Business

The Cluster Software WebShop front-end integrated with the Administrate back-end means that customers can now leverage best of breed solutions to drive revenue plus save time and money. Integration of the two complementary systems delivers a powerful combination to create and grow a profitable and successful training business.

Open Standards mean Open for Business!

Cluster Software’s integration uses the REST API open standard to exchange information between the two systems including bookings, event data and course overviews (agendas) so that you can leverage your investment in Administrate online.

Focus on Training not IT

Cluster Software “off-the-shelf” solutions can be implemented quickly and maintained without the need for skilled Web developers and IT consultants. WebShop is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, just like Administrate, which means that you can focus on training, not IT!

Getting Started

To get started, book a demo with Cluster Software to choose your WebShop option and add the REST API to your Administrate Integration options. Click here to book your demo and find out how we can help you with Web integrations.