Integration with Administrate


WebShop is a powerful eCommerce platform that syncronizes bookings, course descriptions and event listings automatically with Administrate via the REST API. All WebShop options offer full search facilities for courses, course catalogues and course categories, plus a full shopping cart offering check out using purchase orders, training vouchers and credit cards.

Depending on your needs, a WebShop option can be deployed to either complement your existing website or offer you a pre-built, ready to go Web site template that can be launched quickly.


Add eCommerce capability and drive sales to your existing Web site


A ready to go eCommerce enabled Web Site to grow your online business

WebShop Enterprise

A multi-currency, multi-language eCommerce platform to expand your business across borders

Save Time & Money with Administrate

Manage Your Entire Training Operation end-to-end from marketing to prospect, conversion to sale plus resource management, scheduling, course delivery, task management, workflow, evaluations and certificates.

Increase Visability of Your Business by checking your profitability daily through comprehensive financial reporting including event and company/department profit & loss.

Be More Productive and Effective by putting those spreadsheets in the trash and becoming dependent on systems not people!

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Administrate LMS

Engineered for the Future. The Administrate Learning Management System provides a powerful eLearning foundation for millions of students around the world delivering SCORM compliant content securely from the cloud. There’s no software to install, and you can get up and running in minutes!

Cloud Delivered eLearning. Highly Reliable. No Software to Install. The Administrate Learning Management System is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product so there’s no software to install, completely removing the headaches involved in hosting, deployment, troubleshooting, setup, and backups. Now you’re free to focus on what you do best – creating and delivering world class online learning.

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Cluster is an authorised Value Added Reseller of Administrate

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Integration with the REST API Open Connector

Win with best of breed integration as our REST API Connector provides open standards based integration between all WebShop options and third party systems such as Administrate; a cloud-based training management back office system. Through this integration, organizations of any size can now leverage the benefits from deploying the best of breed ‘front and back of shop’ systems. WebShop is a powerful eCommerce platform that syncronizes bookings, course descriptions and event listings automatically with Administrate via the REST API.


Integration with Proprietary Connectors

Increase your profits by supporting the sale of Training and Services from different vendors and multiple suppliers. WebShop Enterprise supports Multi-Platform interoperability with other systems using a unique set of proprietary Connector technologies. The WebShop Enterprise Proprietary Connectors can synchronize training locations, events and bookings from various Training Partners delivering you an aggregation portal. This is achieved using an automatic Connector, which provides integration with multiple Learning Partners proprietary training management systems. .