A powerful Software as a Service eCommerce platform for your existing website offering full search facilities for courses, course catalogues and course categories, plus a full shopping cart.  Check out using purchase orders, training vouchers and credit cards as WebShop can be deployed to complement your current website.

A Powerful Shopping Cart Built to Sell Training


Your customers can create their own wish lists and share them with their manager to get approvals; purchasers of training can allocate training to pre-associated colleagues who will attend the training. WebShop supports classroom, virtual, self-paced e-learning and remote lab product types.

Capture the lucrative training voucher market using the sophisticated Voucher feature to enable different Training Voucher facilities for each product and apply appropriate redemption values and discounts. Training Vouchers can be set up per course type enabling buyers to submit one or more vendor sales order number to place an order.

Find what you want when you want with the powerful Course Finder feature which makes finding training courses you want far easier. Modeled on airline web sites, buyers can locate courses and events by keyword, course code, vendor category, course name, training partner, location and date.

Stay Competitive with Flexible Pricing and Payments


WebShop has a powerful Multi-Level Discounting system allowing administrators to assign courses to different commodity tiers and also assign customers to their appropriate discount band. This ensures you are as competitive as you need to be with different levels of discount being offered to different customers for different courses.

WebShop includes an optional credit card payment service, which means that you can start to receive credit card payments for selling training without the need to fill out all those forms to set up a merchant account with the bank.

Easily Manage your Web Course Catalogue (No Geeks Allowed!)


Our easy to use editor allows you to manage content in your Web Catelogue without the need to engage with a corporate marketing department or external agency. Administrators within a company can be used to manage this content as no sophisticated HTML skills are required for most day-to-day tasks.